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【AMERICAN STATION】 Engineers from FAGO Served Four Customers in the Past Two Months, Achieving a Favorable Rate of 100%.



An engineer installed and debugged bottle blowing machines for four customers from two countries, the United States and Mexico. Who is this excellent man?

 The first station in American

 Customer of FG6 bottle blowing machines:


It is the first time for the customer to make the water line whose plant is new and both the water and electricity pipeline need to be installed. Therefore, we have to help the customer install the machine and pipelines first.

The customer said that they need to apply to the government for using high-power electrical equipment in advance in the United States and the approval time is very long. In the end, only one generator can be rented and the machine can finally be tested.

The machine has been debugged well and two sets of molds have been tested. What’s more, systematic training has been given to the customer who is very satisfied with our machine.

FG4 bottle blowing machines

There are fewer employees in the customer's workshop because the labor in the United States is more expensive who have high requirements on the stability and automation of the machines. The customer was trained for a long time after the installation because they hadn’t known the bottle blowing machine before. After the training, the customer can operate the machine by himself, and can independently eliminate some simple faults and maintain the machine. The customer is very satisfied with the performance of this machine.


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