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  • 1.How many bottles per hour can be made in your blowing machine?

    The capacity for FG-4 is 6500BPH,FG-6 9000BPH,FG-8 12000BPH,this speed is based on 500ml ,17gram round water bottle bottle.Different bottle volume and weight will affect the speed of the machine.

  • 2.What is the bottle volume that can be made in your blowing machine?

    FG-4 and FG-6 is suitable for 200ml-2000ml bottle,FG for 200ml-750ml.

  • 3.What kind of bottle neck can be blown in your blowing machine?

    3025 neck,2925 neck,1810 neck,1881 neck and 38 neck

  • 4.What is the installation power and actual power consumption for your···

    FG-4 and FG-6 installation power is 56KW,actual power consumption is 23-25KW per hour,

    FG-8 installation power is 112KW,actual power consumption is 46-50KW/h

  • 5.Which auxiliary machine you suggest for your blowing machine?

    FG-4 require 6m3/min,30bar air compressor,and 2 sets of 5HP chiller,

    FG-6 require 8m3/min,30bar air compressor,and 2 sets of 5HP chiller,and 

    FG-8 need 10m3/min,30bar air compressor and 2 sets of 5HP chiller.

  • 6.How does your blowing machine save energy?

    Our blowing machine equipped with very compact heating oven,and the heating head in the oven is minimized to 38.1mm,in this way,we can save much power,besides,our blower is servo driven type,we don’t need any low pressure compressor,so we can also save power for compressor.

  • 7.How to make sure the neck won’t get soft during heating?

    We have equipped fan cooling for the bottle neck.

  • 8.how long you need change the mold?

    we simplified the mold area and make it easy to change the mold, our engineers need 17 mins to change, for a unskilled engineer it might take little longer to 20-30 mins.

    Even though compared with others supplier we are half the period.

  • 9.What is the advantage of your cam linking system?

    The cam linking system is controlled by one servo motor,with this system,we can guarantee different actions of the mold opening,mold close,bottom mold elevating and bottle sealing can be finished in one movement,thus to reduce the blowing circle.

  • 10.What is the rejection rate of your blowing machine?

    It’s 0.3%.

  • 11.What is the difference between your mold and others?

    Our mold adopt connected structure,with high precision treatment and fast changing,the material is aluminum 6061,which has features of fast cooling,light weight and easy disassembling.The surface of the mold has anodized oxidatoin treatment,which makes the mold durable and increase the service life.

  • 12. what is the bottle size we can get FG series blowing machine?

    from 100ml to 2L, but also depends on what neck finish you get.

  • 13. why this machine power is small, and is it sufficient to achieve s···

    we renewed the heating zone and shrink the distance of preforms to allow more preforms can be heated at same time, thus the heating efficiency is increased Yes, it is more than sufficient to achieve such speed and well-shaped bottles

  • 14. how many servos are there? And where are they?

    Totally 3 servo motors are equipped, one is preform pitch changing, second one is preform-taken-into mold movement(this servo synchronized to bottle-take-out mold movement), third one also biggest one is the mold close and open servo.

  • 15.what is the speed we can get from you machine?

    we have mainly 3 models 4 cavity, 6 cavity 8 cavity in a series, capacity range from 6000BPH to 12000BPH

  • What are the technological processes for product extrusion production?

    Original (mixed) materials → feeding → extrusion → shaping and cooling → traction → cutting → inspection → packaging → storage and stacking.