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  • What are the benefits of adopting reverse setting of barrel temperatur···

    A. Promote the partial plasticization of PVC materials before the exhaust section, which is beneficial to the escape of water vapor volatiles, but when the plasticization is too good, it is not conducive to full exhaust. 

    B. Avoid dry powder being pumped away in the exhaust section. 

    What causes regular screw marks on the inner wall of the product?

    If the temperature of the screw and the material is too high or the speed is too fast, regular screw marks may appear on the inner wall.

  • What factors cause wavy lines on the outer wall of the product?

    A. The vacuum is too large;

    B. The cooling effect is poor; 

    C. The product wall thickness is uneven; 

    What factors cause product bending?

    A. Wall thickness deviation; 

    B. The center of the machine head cooling water tank (bracket) traction and cutting equipment is not in the same straight line; 

    C. The shaping cooling water is not uniformly cooled;&n···

  • What factors cause product wall thickness deviation? How to solve?

    A. The center of the mold and the mandrel is not aligned, adjust the mold and the mandrel to be concentric; 

    B. The head is unevenly heated, and check whether the heating ring is tightly wrapped or partially damaged; 

    What factors can cause black patterns on white products?

    A. The gap between the screw and the barrel is too small or the screw barrel is severely worn, and the friction causes the pattern to be regular and linear (this phenomenon is generally that the white product usually appears on the bottom after it comes out of the mold); 

    B. The screw leaks Oil; 

    What factors cause product deformation? What measures should be taken?

    A. The sizing sleeve itself is deformed, and the sizing sleeve should be replaced or corrected; 

    B. The setting water is too small and the vacuum is not large enough, causing the product to fall out of round without setting. The setting water or vacuum degree should be increased; 

    C. Traction pressure If the squeeze is too tight, the gap of the traction track should be adjusted appropriately; 

    D. The position of the supporting roller in the shaping box is too high, which causes the lower end of the product to be flat. The tug should be adjusted to make it concen···

  • What factors cause the product to have coke particles?

    A. The problem of the raw material itself; 

    B. The screw is severely worn and the gap has changed; 

    C. The material in the head is decomposed and there is sticky material.

  • What factors cause cracks in the product?

    A. There are impurities in the raw materials; 

    B. The processing temperature is too low; 

    C. The traction speed is too fast (the product is thinned with a large gap); 

    D. The ingremoldnt structure is not ideal.

  • What problems should be paid attention to when changing materials in t···

    A. Regardless of the material temperature, the temperature of each zone should be appropriately lowered in advance; 

    B. When changing the material, pay close attention to the current or torque changes. If the torque is found to rise rapidly, you need to immediately reduce the feed or stop the feed; 

    C. If the torque is basically unchanged, the vacuum device of the barrel should be opened at ···

  • What are the reasons for the unqualified product impact and improvemen···

     1.Rough inner wall: This phenomenon is the most serious phenomenon that causes the product to be brittle. Even a little roughness will have a great impact on the product. Therefore, it is better to make the product wrinkle rather than rough during production. Improvement method: 

      A.Increase the vacuum of the main engine to control the amount of filling material within an appropriate range and do not cause it to take off; 

      B.Reduce the temperature of the body and the synchronous speed; 

      C.If the formula has not changed,···

  • Overview of extrusion molding machine

    Plastic extrusion molding machine is abbreviated as extruder. It uses screw pressure to continuously extrude the plasticized material from the extruder barrel through the mould mouth, so that it is in a molten state and cooled and shaped. The product continuously extruded from the mould mouth is pulled by the traction device or the forming device to the cutting machine for fixed-length cutting. Currently our company uses single/twin screw extruder.

    The main components a···

  • How to ensure the quality of the FAYGOUNION machinery!

    1/In order to ensure the accuracy of each part, we are equipped with various professional processing equipment, and we have accumulated professional processing methods in the past few years.

    2/Each component before assembly needs to be strictly controlled by inspectors. 

    3/After all equipment is completed, we will connect all machines and run the entire production line for at least 12 hours to ensure the stable operation of the customer’s factory.

  • How to ensure the safety of your funds and deliver on time?

    1/Through Alibaba’s letter guarantee service, it will ensure on-time delivery and the quality of the equipment to be purchased.
    2/Through the letter of credit, you can easily lock the delivery time.
    3/After visiting the factory, you can ensure the authenticity of our bank account.
  • If we buy your machine, what is your guarantee or guarantee of quality···

    We provide you with high-quality machines with 1-year warranty and lifetime technical support. 

  • Your company is a trading company or a direct factory?

    We are a direct factory located in Zhangjiagang City. Very close to Shanghai and Wuxi (airport and train provided). If you arrive in Shanghai or Wuxi, we can pick you up to visit our factory.