• PET Bottle Blow Machine
  • PP/PE Double Stage Water Ring Granules Line
  • Plastic Recycling Line

PP/PE Double Stage Water Ring Granules Line 

PPPE造粒生产线根据客户的要求可以设计成单阶拉条造粒,单阶水环造粒,双阶拉条造粒,双阶水环造粒。适用于不同干净程度PP、 PE薄膜,块料等造粒。

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On this unit, you can choose different feeding ways, according to different material shapes, also the screw can be designed based on different property materials, after one or times net changing, dross can be removed cleaner, then we get beautiful clean granules.

Power of main motor(kw)45-5555-7590-110132-160160-220

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