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Chinaplas2019 Story about FAYGO UNION and Fat Brothers and Beauties



The annual international rubber and plastics event kicked off again. May 21st is the first day of the event. At 11.1C01 & 2.2K51, we have prepared fine wine and snacks, ready to wait for you.Come with a story! 

Chinaplas2019 飞鸽与胖哥美女的故事1.jpg

No matter how slim or rich you are, we will treat you warmly, explain it to you carefully, and work hard for you to choose the machine that suits you. The story starts here.

Chinaplas2019 飞鸽与胖哥美女的故事2.jpg

No matter how cool your hair style and how dark your skin color is, we will offer you fine wine and snacks. All friends everywhere!

Chinaplas2019 飞鸽与胖哥美女的故事3.jpg

Come on my friends, sit down and talk with us. You request me to record, the boot demo is no problem!

Chinaplas2019 飞鸽与胖哥美女的故事4.jpg

Chinaplas2019 飞鸽与胖哥美女的故事5.jpg

This exhibition is more exciting with you! Our booth: 11.1C01 & 2


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