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Chinese flying pigeons and African CongoThe intersection of Faygo Union and Congo comes from a local···


Chinese flying pigeons and African Congo
The intersection of Faygo Union and Congo comes from a local group company. After several generations of operations, they sit on Congo’s second largest mining resources, and the industries involve pharmaceuticals, transportation, hotels, etc.
At the beginning of 2010, the group company introduced the first beverage production line, and within 5 years, it has successively introduced 7 production lines, all of which are made in China.

The increase in output also brings new challenges. It is urgent to introduce a blow molding machine that can produce high output, low power consumption and easy to change the bottle shape. Especially in the summer of Congo, the production line is almost three months of “three shifts”. Load production.
This puts extremely high demands on the bottle blowing machine. Since the technical director of the Group’s Beverage Division: Mr. Umesh contacted us in 2014, Faygo has conducted several rounds of negotiations on customer requirements and finally determined the plan:

1. 6 cavity 10000 bottles per hour full servo blow molding machine
2. Based on the main 350ml gas cylinder, the energy consumption for stable operation is controlled within 25kw
3. Customized quick mold change tools for customers with more bottle types. After training, machine operators can complete mold removal and mold installation in about 15 minutes.
More than client (the story is not only here)

After Faygo’s first 6-cavity machine was put into operation, Faygo’s people have won 5-star praise from customers with their excellent knowledge and skills, enthusiastic and timely service, and completed the replacement of all blow molding machines in the factory within 2 years. At present, all the beverage products of customers, without exception, are produced in the high-speed blow molding machine of the Faygo Union Fanciers.
We are also fortunate to witness the brand influence of our customers. From the top five in the local area, we rank first in bottled drinking water, first in juice beverages, and the largest manufacturer of gas-containing products in Coke.

Today, if you come to Kinshasa, Congo, to engage in economic and trade activities, or to travel to Lubumbashi, walk into the shopping mall on the street, and buy a bottle of beverage at will, maybe its manufacturer is located in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu.
The customer’s half-year production volume exceeds 16 million bottles

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