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Refrigration And Adsorption Air Dryer Combination 

Low-pressure and ultra-low dew point combined dryersCompressed air dryers are mainly used in two types: refrigerated compressed air dryers and adsorption dryers. Among them, cold dryers have the advantages of no air loss and low energy consumption, but they have dew points. Limitations of temperature, while the suction dryer has the advantages of low dew point, but it has the disadvantages of large loss of regeneration gas and high energy consumption.

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Refrigration And Adsorption Air Dryer Combination

This combined type of compressed air dryer integrated refrigeration dryer and absorption dryer. It has the feature of less regeneration gas consumption and low energy consumption. The finished air has low dew point, which can be-70℃; it adopts the new technique and new process with the low-consumption, energy-saving and intellgent operation, which can meet the different requirements of the customers.
This combination contains air filters, refrigeration dryer, heatless absorption dryer and dust filter.



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