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PVC/HDPE/PP-R pipe extrusion line, PVC & WPC profile extruding line and plastic sheet production lines with the relative auxiliary machine, PE film/ PET bottles recycling line and pelletizing lines.

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Faygo Extrusion BlowMoulding Machine

Date:2015-09-07 Author:faygo26
    The first application ofblow molding process was during World War II, which was mainly used for theproduction of low density polyethylene small plastic bottles. Later, with thedevelopment of high-density polyethylene and blow molding machines, blowmolding technology has been widely used. Early in the last century in theUnited States blown industry has reached a multibillion-dollar industry.
    Blow molding machineaccording to the principle can be divided into: extrusion blow molding,injection blow molding, stretch blow molding and multilayer blow moldingprocess. These four blow molding process is most commonly used methods, Faygouses the first blow, extrusion blow molding process.
Faygo Extrusion BlowMoulding Machine
    Extrusion blow can bedivided into the continuous extrusion blow molding and extrusion blow twointermittent. Continuous extrusion blow is suitable for rapid production ofsmall products, the use of an extruder constantly creating parison, the parisonenter one by one in a turret split mold, and then turn off the mold, blow, cooling,ejection, etc. operation. Faygo TDL series, HT series, and HTS series which hasCE certificate are all this type. These three series of machines are continuousextrusion die, to use for the production of 0.05ml 20L plastic products.Intermittent extrusion blow molding using accumulator type die, suitable forproducing large blow molding products, commonly used in the production of highmolecular weight polyethylene large containers. Faygo TDB series extrusion blowmoulding machine are this type, suitable for 20L-2000L products of accumulatortype die.
    Faygo Union Group hasalways uphold the "good machine, good people" of faith, with newideas, new thinking, new technologies, new models, new products for the market.Western European integration technology, high speed, low power consumption hasbeen truly reflected. Smart, standard, economy --- Faygo Extrusion blowmoulding machine, your best choice!
Faygo Extrusion BlowMoulding Machine

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