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  • Blow Molding Machine TDB-160B

    TDB-160B Plastic Processed: LDPE, HDPE, PP, PC, PA, PS, ABS, EVA, PETG, EVOH, PVDC, PAN, PPE, POM, TPE Application:Plastic bottles, plastic Containers, barrels, jars, tool Cases & Bags, profiled hollow parts, hollow chairs, oil tanks for a...

  • HTS 15L Series Blow Moulding Machine

    First, the electronic control system: Japan's Mitsubishi PLC computer and human-machine interface control, in English cantilever control panel, temperature control system uses independent control of temperature controller, reducing maintenan...

  • Blow Moulding Machine TDB-80A/B

    Features: 1) For packaging from 30ml to 18 liters capacity 2) Electric system: Mitsubishi PLC from Japan and human-machine interface 3) Hydraulic system : YUKEN hydraulic valves and pump from Japan 4) Plastisizing system: Effective, e...

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