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  • PET,PP,HIPS,PE,EVA Single and Multi-layer Sheet Extrusion Line

    Plastic packing sheet has characters of high strength and corrosion protection, with some padding can achieve enhance, toughen, flame retardant, anti-static electricity function, sheet surface can be embossed and polished, ...

  • PET/PP/PS high output sheet extrusion line

    PET/PP/PS high output sheet extrusion line can produce PP/PS suction sheet, PP stationery sheet, PP transparent sheet, dull polish and double color sheet, PP foamed sheet and PS electric conduction sheet....

  • PP/PS packing sheet extrusion line

    PP/PS sheet is widely used, after thermoforming machine it can be used on food, electric and so on packing, with the leakproofness high demand on material, our factory push out three layer/five layer/seven layer co-extrusion, it can meet mos...

  • PVC,PP,PE stationery decorative sheet extrusion line

    Professional plastic stationery sheet is special suitable for PP/PE double color sheet, PP high transparent thin sheet, PVC stationery sheet and so on, most of market stationery sheet after special process can arrive mirror surface, dull pol...

  • PC,PP,PE Hollow Grid Plate Extrusion Line

    PP/PE/PC Hollow Grid Plate Extrusion Line Usage Property Characteristic: Board thickness can be 2-18mm, width can be 2200mm Main materials are PC, PP and PE, compared with paperboard, wooden board aluminium board the PP/PE/PC board has much...

  • ABS,HIPS,PMMA,PP,PE,PVC plastic sheet extrusion machine

    Plastic board are widely used, different kinds of plastic boards had different functions. They are mainly used on construction decoration, advertisement, bathroom, fridge, train, packing, car, hospital, household appliance and so on field, l...

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