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  • PVC Hot Cut Granules Line

    This pelletizing machine is composed by SJSZ series conical twin-screw extruder and correspondingly pelletizing auxiliary equipment; it is suitable for pelletizing PVC, WPC material. The pellets produced by this line are even, solid,elegance...

  • PET pelletizing line

    This line use SHJ series parallel twin screw extruder, suitable for producing PET granules from clean PET flakes. It is composed by SHJ parallel twin screw extruder, die, hydraulic screen exchanger, cooling flume, air dryer, cutter, silo, an...

  • SHJ Parrel Hot Cut Granules Line

    This line is widely used in PVC modified granulation, wood plastic composite granulation, non-halogen FR granules production and so on. SHJ series extruder has excellent mixing and even plasticization performance, and it could achieve a larg...

  • CPVC granulating line

    CPVC granulating line It adopt special CPVC extruder for extrusion, which equiped screw temperature control system, special CPVC screw and barrel. It adopt die-face cut pelletizer with air blowing system, vibrate screen, clients can get hig...

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