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  • diesel portable screw compressor

    Our diesel screw air compressor is highly efficient and reliable,power range of 37 to 300kW, capacity up to 30m3/min, working pressure up to 2.2 MPa. ...

  • Air compressor-V Series for mining

    Features:1. Low-speed design, quieter operation, longer life; 2. Reed valve design, efficient; 3. Filter paper air filter core of imported production, filtration and silencing effect, durable; 4. Solenoid imported brands;...

  • Portable diesel piston air compressor

    Advantages:1.Valve plate and spring strip: made of special steel from Sweden and after special treatment;???? higha efficient and reliable. 2.Piston ring: Special design; integral casting; excellent flexibility; lowest lubricating oil?? con...

  • Electric portable screw air compressor

    Electric portable screw air compressor: 1.1. Capacity: 10.2m3/min 1.2. Working pressure: 8bar 1.3. GHH air end 1.4. F class, IP54 1.5.55KW Electric Portable Screw Air Compressor:...

  • Parts and accessories - Pneumatic hose

    Technical Specifications Uses: Widely used in mining, construction, engineering, shipbuilding and other industries conveying of air, inert gas, and water. Within the layer: NR and SBR synthetic rubber, black. Reinforcement: high-strength sy...

  • Air filter . oil filter . oil core

    Product Description: 1. Material of air filter: Wood pulp filter paper from USA HV co. and Korea Ahlstrom co.. 2. Filtration precision of air filter10m,efficiency99.8% 3. Service life of air filter: 2000h 4. Before solidification, air filte...

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