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Production technology of melt blown cloth 

Melt-blown cloth is a kind of rapid development in non-woven cloth, which is well-known as the one-s···


Melt-blown cloth is a kind of rapid development in non-woven cloth, which is well-known as the one-step polymer process with the shortest flow in foreign countries. The product has the obvious advantages of high filtering efficiency, low resistance, softy and auto bonding among nets. Therefore, it can be used in the fields of medium and sub-high filtering efficiency filtering, including air, acid liquid and food sanitation filtering materials, industrial dust mask manufacture and so on. Besides, it can also be made into medical materials, industrial precision wipes, thermal insulation material, oil absorption material, battery separator, limitation leather base fabric, etc. In many aspects, its performance is superior to that of traditional textiles. With the development of post-processing technology, the application of melt-blown cloth will be more extensive. With years of research and modification, Jiangsu Faygo Union Machinery Co ltd provides customers with various melt-blown product line, processed width 200mm-3200mm, the quality and energy consumption of which are close to the advanced level of similar foreign products.


Technical Characteristics of Faygo Melt-blown Extruder and Non-woven product line:

 1.     It adopts special hanger type and air pressure spinning die with independent intellectual property rights to distribute the melt evenly.

2.     The air pressure of the air nozzle is stable, the airflow on both sides is symmetrical, and the airflow in the width direction is uniform.

3.     It has an easy adjustment of air gap width.

4.     It has a specially designed hot air flow heating device with good heating efficiency, excellent heat exchange efficiency, and low energy consumption.

5.     The receiving distance is adjustable, and the receiving form (flat net receiving and roller receiving) can be easily replaced.

6.     Fiber fineness and cloth surface are uniform.

7.     The electret method makes the melt-blown cloth have a good filtering effect.


Technical Parameter of Faygo Melt-blown Extruder and Non-woven product line:

Operating Condition



Melt-blown Filter Materials, Mask Filter   Materials

Available Raw Material

MFI=1000~1600 Polypropylene Chip   Materials

Product Diameter Range

Width: 600/1200/1600/2400mm

Gram Weight Range



80kg/h ( caculated by 80g/㎡)

Mechanical Speed


Fiber Diameter


Installation Power

About 150KW

Output of 25g/

1 t

Length, Width and height of the equipment


The filtering rate of the melt-blown cloth used on face mask produced by our equipment, though reduced in the past two weeks, still reaches the international medical level and its filtering level reaches 95+ and 99+.

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