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Suzhou Yuda Compressor Co.,Ltd

Date:2015-06-09 Author:FAYGO UNION
Suzhou Yuda Compressor Co.,Ltd

Hengda air compressors are widely use in most chinese manufacturing industries. With perpetual research and development,we in hengda has maintained superior product quality and hence provide highly reliable machine operating performance.
    In the pet blow moulding industry,Hengda is the main provider of high quality high pressure air compressors.Having been supplying high pressure compressors to the pet industry for a number of years,we are very familiar with the stringent requirement of the quality of the air requirement.

    Being provided with clean and oil-free compressed air is very important. The high pressure air compressors,filters,dryers and control system are specially designed to meet your strict requirement in order to produce high quality pet products.
     To support your daily factory operation we provide excellent after-sales service.Our country-wide after-sales/service network can provide prompt response to your accessory,parts and repair service requirement.
      In order to achieve the best service,besides our strong service team located in our own factory,we have also got service team from east,south,northwest and northest of China.
For international market,we have qualified and well experienced engineers basing in Singapore who provide designing,commissioning and service.all these engineers could give prompt and direct service in your country by the developed airport transportation without andy visa restriction.